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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Great Merlin Conundrum

So, many of you will remember a few months ago I wrote a glowing post about the British show Merlin that aired on NBC over the summer. Ever since the first season finale aired there has been uncertainty regarding whether or not the show's second season would make the journey across the pond to us in America or not. NBC was less than happy with the ratings but many of us who became fans were hoping that it would come back. Well, a little while back the fate of this show was revealed. The good news is that the second season of Merlin (which has already aired in the UK) will indeed be returning to American TV beginning April 2nd. The bad news is, it will be airing on The SyFy Channel; not on NBC. That is a problem for me because no matter how much I adjust the antenna up on my roof, it will never pick up The SyFy channel. Now, I am not one to concede defeat easily. I have no intention whatsoever of not seeing the second season (or third for that matter) of this magnificent show. I have thought long and hard and I have determined that I have several options:
  1. I can spend a ludicrous amount of money and get cable or satellite.
  2. I can wait for several months until the show comes out on DVD and either buy it or try to check it out at the library.
  3. I can try to find someone who gets The SyFy Channel and by employing my considerable charm and mad baking skills convince them to record the episodes for me.
  4. I can look into buying the episodes on iTunes as they become available.

Of course, there may be other possible solutions to this sticky problem but, those are all the ones I can think of at the moment. If anyone has any bright ideas I will be happy to hear them.