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Sunday, August 8, 2010


So, I would like to take a moment to brag a little about the incredible woman I married. She does so much more for our family than I could ever even begin to give her the proper credit for but I want to mention just two things that she has done recently that have reminded me of how awesomely awesome Alisa is. First, earlier this week we went down to a title company to sign the papers to refinance our mortgage. This was a really good deal we got and it will save us nearly $200 per month. I want you to know that I did essentially nothing to bring this about. Alisa made all the phone calls, set all the appointments. I just signed the stuff she needed me to sign and sent one e-mail that they needed to have from me. This involved an immense amount of work on her part and I am so grateful to her for taking care of it all for us. The second thing I wanted to mention was Alisa's great work on our son Collin's 2nd birthday. She organized the celebration, bought all the presents and made the incredible tractor cake you see below. Yeah, she made that from pretty much just a picture she found on the internet and some very general instructions. Pretty freakin' sweet, huh? She's good-looking and smart. And, I know something about being good-looking and smart. I have come to the conclusion that Alisa must not really be from Idaho. I think she must be from the planet Krypton because she is not just a wife; she is a Superwife!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Pumpkins Are Coming! The Pumpkins Are Coming!

As you can see from these pictures my pumpkin patch has started to produce a lot of pumpkins. I took these pictures a few days ago and many of these are a lot bigger now and there are a few new pumpkins that have since started to grow.
The first picture and the one above are some of the "big max" pumpkins that I planted for the first time this year. They will not be the traditional dark orange color of the pumpkins most people use for Halloween but they can get to be over 50 pounds so I'm really hoping to have a few really big jack-o-lanterns on my front porch this year.
There are actually two pumpkins in this picture. Can you spot them? Wow, this post is kind of like an "I Spy" or a "Where's Waldo" book!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FINALLY! Merlin Season 2

Well, iTunes finally got their act together and fixed the problem with Merlin Season 2. So, after a long wait I was eventually able to watch those last two episodes. And, it was totally worth the wait. This season was great and since I bought it I now have it forever. Or at least until this computer crashes.
This season had some great episodes. I especially liked the one where Merlin fell in love. Of course, she ended up dead but it was a still a very well done and touching episode. I also enjoyed the episodes with Uther being bewitched by and marrying a troll. The love triangle with Arthur, Lancelot and Gwen got more interesting this season. And, Uther's war on magic got more intense so I look forward to seeing how things go with that next season especially now that Morgana has disappeared and Mordred has a grudge against Merlin.
As great as the season as a whole was I really thought the finale was spectacular. The introduction of Merlin's father and the release of the dragon really makes me wonder what direction next season will take. I look forward to season three being made available next spring.

So, there you have it; the long awaited review. I hope that both of you found it satisfactory.