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Sunday, June 13, 2010

R.I.P. Hummer

Well, I have bad news. As you should remember I spoke in my last post about the triumphant return of Hummer the hummingbird. Well, I was able to enjoy seeing her buzzing around my backyard for a couple of days. However, it wasn't long after I wrote that post that Hummer vanished. Now, last year it was generally pretty easy to spot her. She didn't usually stray too far from her nest. However I started to get a little concerned when I couldn't seem to locate her. Hummingbirds are very territorial and aggressive. Last year I remember numerous occasions where I saw Hummer chasing off other birds many times her size. Hummingbirds do not abandon their nests easily so, I started to fear that my dear friend Hummer might be dead. Than, a few days ago I came out and found that her nest had been ripped to pieces and her eggs were gone (as shown by the above photo). So, there is really no longer any room for doubt; Hummer is dead. As sad as this is I choose to believe that Hummer died with honor. I believe that Hummer died in an epic battle . . . . with a pterodactyl. And I bet that big flying dinosaur came off a little bit banged up and will think twice about fighting a raging hummingbird again. So, farewell Hummer; when we meet again on the other side you will always be welcome to build a nest in my Celestial backyard.