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Monday, May 24, 2010

It's A Sign!!

I grow some pretty awesome pumpkins. In fact my pumpkins have been described as legendary and epic (mainly by myself). So, I decided that I needed a sign to mark Ryan's Pumpkin Patch that would be just as epic as the pumpkins themselves. Unfortunately, I don't actually have the skills or the materials to make an epic sign. What I did have was some old pieces of scrap wood, a drill, some random rusted screws I found in the shed, a can of left over exterior white paint that we had used to paint our door jam, some brushes and paint pilfered from my wife's old arts and crafts supplies and a couple random pens. These I took and and was able to throw together this little sign. Yeah I know, I'm a bit of a dork.


  1. The Great Pumpkin rises out of the patch he finds most sincere. That sign definately puts you in the running. :)

  2. Cool! Nice how they've been you. ;) I planted a massive pumpkin last year. It was WELL on its way (regular normal size) when some bug got to it. :( I was SO disappointed. I tossed a ton of remaining bits of pumpkins to see if I'd get any volunteers. I got one crook necked squash (is that what its called?) I was hoping for the white and green ones to pop up but they didn't...