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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FINALLY! Merlin Season 2

Well, iTunes finally got their act together and fixed the problem with Merlin Season 2. So, after a long wait I was eventually able to watch those last two episodes. And, it was totally worth the wait. This season was great and since I bought it I now have it forever. Or at least until this computer crashes.
This season had some great episodes. I especially liked the one where Merlin fell in love. Of course, she ended up dead but it was a still a very well done and touching episode. I also enjoyed the episodes with Uther being bewitched by and marrying a troll. The love triangle with Arthur, Lancelot and Gwen got more interesting this season. And, Uther's war on magic got more intense so I look forward to seeing how things go with that next season especially now that Morgana has disappeared and Mordred has a grudge against Merlin.
As great as the season as a whole was I really thought the finale was spectacular. The introduction of Merlin's father and the release of the dragon really makes me wonder what direction next season will take. I look forward to season three being made available next spring.

So, there you have it; the long awaited review. I hope that both of you found it satisfactory.

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