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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ryan's Pumpkins 2009

Well, I have just picked the last of my Halloween Pumpkins. Here they are! From Left to Right - Top Row: Ava 2 (11.8 lbs), Smooth Move (20.2 lbs.), Psycho Jack [This Year's "Big Mutha"] (22.0 lbs.), George (16.4 lbs.), Ava (12.2 lbs.) - Middle Row: Casper The Friendly Pumpkin (10.2 lbs.), Sadee (15.2 lbs.), Buck Rogers (14.0 lbs.), Ichabod (13.4 lbs.), The Jolly Green Giant (15.0 lbs.), Itty-Bity (2.4 lbs.) - Bottom Row: Half-Pint Harvey (5.4 lbs.), Wormy (4.0 lbs)*, Captain Buttless (6.2 lbs.)** - Insert: Collin (11.2 lbs.)

So, with 15 pumpkins totalling 179.6 lbs. I think "Ryan's Pumpkin Patch" did pretty good this year. There are a lot of green pumpkins in here so I am making a note to plant a bit earlier next year.

*This pumpkin had to be carved immediately. I didn't name it "Wormy" for nothing.
**This pumpkin is so named due to an unfortunate run in it had with a rouge weed-whacker that left it with a rather large hole in its bottom regions.


  1. I always LOVE hearing what you name the pumpkins. I especially like the * comments. Thanks for keeping track of our pumpkins :)

  2. I wish we could have picked our pumpkins from your crop. So, when should the seeds be planted?