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Monday, January 4, 2010



At 10:30am on Thursday December 31, 2009 I had the chance to interview with a Freight Forwarder in the area called Air & Sea International/Freightlink. About a half-hour after I got home they called me up and offered me a position in their Operations Department. Alisa and I took the weekend to talk it over and come to a decision. This morning I called them up and accepted the job.

I have been out of work for about 14 and a half months. Alisa and I are very grateful to everyone out there that has helped us and prayed for us throughout this difficult time. In particular I want to thank the McAllisters who have watched Collin during most of the job interviews I have had over the past months.

I officially start on January 12th. I am really looking forward to getting back out into the workforce. Thank you all again for everything you have done for our family.

Owing to the fact that this is such an exciting occasion I have decided that I need to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with a 21 gun salute?! Well, I'll tell you. A better way to celebrate would be to 1 up a 21 gun salute and do a 22 gun salute. But you know, this is so monumental that I need to 1 up the 1 up and make a 23 gun salute. I could 1 up the 1 uped 1 up and go for 24 but that would be just getting carried away. So, I give you the 23 gun salute brought to you by some of my favorite TV shows.


  1. I love the salute! Congratulations Ryan! We are so happy for you!!

  2. Congrats!! We are SO excited for you!!