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Monday, June 1, 2009


So, for the past few days I have been noticing a hummingbird hanging around in my backyard. I enjoyed watching it fly and I decided to name it Hummer. Not very original but hey, what can ya do? It was always darting back and forth between an old dead fir tree over the fence and one of my apple trees. I figured it must have a nest nearby. I was right. Yesterday I looked up and saw a little nest in my apple tree. I got my ladder and looked inside to find two very small white eggs just about the size of jelly beans. I went online to look up some information and confirmed very quickly that what I was seeing was definitely a hummingbird nest. I have always really liked hummingbirds so I was thrilled to see that one had taken up residence in my yard. Last night I took some pictures of Hummer while she was sitting in her nest in the hopes that I might be able to identify what species of hummingbird she is. All I really got a look at was her neck and most of the five or six species that can be found in Utah look pretty much the same from the neck up. That is especially true of the females because the males are the ones with the bright colors and stuff. I got some pictures this morning of the nest. Sorry, the pictures are a little blurry. My only worry now is what will happen in a few weeks when it’s time to spray the apple tree for the coddling moth again. I don’t know how pesticide will effect the birds but I’m gonna do some research. Yeah, I know. I'm blogging about hummingbirds and pumpkin patches. I really need to get a job.


  1. Hey... I say blogging about anything goes these days. Power to the birds...hahaha

  2. Cool! We want to come check it out!