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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

About Time

So, two years ago my sister Shanna (a.k.a. "The Cross Stitch Queen") made us a really beautiful cross stitch and gave it to us for Christmas. As much as we loved it we have never hung it up because its size was not one of the standard frame sizes so we knew we would need to get it custom framed. That can be expensive so it stayed rolled up in the top of Collin's closet. Anyway, this morning, Alisa surprised me with an early Christmas present. She had managed to finally get it framed (there was a sale). So, after two years of waiting we now have this lovely decoration up on the wall where it belongs.


  1. We got the same one this year! Ours too will have to wait awhile to get framed. Some craft stores around here (Michaels and JoAnns) seem to always have 50% off custom framing, so I'll have to see the price, but not soon.