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Thursday, December 3, 2009


So, this past Saturday as we were driving back from Montana we had the chance to listen to the BYU -vs- Utah football game. Well, most of it. When we hit Pocatello that's when we started being able to pick up the radio station that was carrying the game. There was a lot of static at first but as we got closer to home the signal got better. At the end of the 3rd quarter BYU was beating the Utards by a score of 20 to 6. All that changed in the 4th quarter where Utah came back to tie the game 20 to 20. I was getting a little anxious. Fortunately, in overtime BYU managed to pull out a win and the final score was BYU 26 Utah 23. So, we didn't beat them as soundly as I would have liked but the important thing is we won. Now, it's time to listen to the Ute fans give their laundry list of excuses as to why they lost. Shall they blame it on the refs? Was it the weather? What will they blame in order to convince themselves that BYU's victory doesn't really count? The one die-hard Ute fan I have spoken with thus far was just in a state of shocked denial. She kept stating that her team had won whilst she stood there with a rather glazed look on her face. I just had to pat her hand and assure her that everything would be alright and that we would get through this together. So, why did I do all this for an avowed fan of my rival school? Well, I am her home teacher and for heaven's sake; it's just a football game!


  1. You are a good home teacher. :)

  2. One Ute fan at my work said it was just luck :)