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Friday, May 15, 2009

Danny Victorious – Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen had its season finale last night. It was down to Danny and Paula and I had predicted that Paula was going to win. However, to my surprise Danny took the $250,000 and will become the head chef of his own restaurant at The Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. I liked both Danny and Paula so I would have been just as happy for either of them.

It is very interesting to consider what a misnomer the term "Reality Show" can sometimes be considering how contrived some of the things on such shows can be. There are usually people on any reality show that quite obviously don’t belong there. On Hell’s Kitchen there always seems to be a contestant or two who just plain can’t cook. Last season there was a guy on the show who wasn’t even a chef. This season you had Lacey. This girl couldn’t have cooked a bowl of Cheerios® most days. During her last dinner service before being eliminated she even admitted that she couldn’t cook meat. So, how do ding-dongs like Lacey get to be contestants on the show and more importantly, how do they manage to actually stave off elimination as long as they do? I think that has to do with the Producers of the show. Though Gordon Ramsey the host has the final say (supposedly) in who ultimately wins the competitions I think that producers have a lot of say about how things go leading up to the finale. The producers and the studio people I think are not nearly as concerned with getting the most qualified chefs for the show as they are about filling Hell’s Kitchen with those people who will make for the most interesting show. Lacey wasn’t there because she had any chance of winning. She was there because of her crazy attitude and the reactions she could solicit from the other competitors.

As I have said before with other shows: great season and I look forward to the next one.

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