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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My New Calling

Well, something has happened that I really didn’t anticipate. A couple days ago a member of our Stake Presidency came over to see me and Alisa. After chit-chatting with us for a few minutes he told us that he wasn’t just there to visit. To my surprise he told me that they were reorganizing the Elder’s Quorum presidency in our ward and he asked me if I would be willing to accept the call as the 2nd Counselor to the new president. I was pretty surprised; I loved serving in the Primary and I was comfortably planning that I would continue there for the next twenty years or so. I guess The Lord had some other plans. So, today I went to Elder’s Quorum and the new presidency was sustained. I then went to Primary and taught my last lesson to the one boy who showed up to class this week.

I have greatly enjoyed this time and I really believe that being a primary teacher is the best calling in the church. I’m going to miss all the singing and the way I can get all the kids wound up and not get in trouble for it. When I was at BYU I served in the Elder’s Quorum presidency for a long time as Assistant Secretary, Secretary, 2nd Counselor and 1st Counselor (I moved out of the ward before they had a chance to make me President). But I’ve never served in the presidency of an Elder’s Quorum in a “regular” ward so I am looking forward to this new challenge. I just hope that whoever replaces me knows how to make lots of funny faces. I mean, how else will we keep the Sunbeams entertained?


  1. Primary will miss you, Ryan! You can always try the funny faces on the Elders! Never know.

  2. LOL! I can only imagine a primary with Crazy Uncle Ryan.

    Good Luck on the new calling.