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Saturday, May 23, 2009


So, I just got back from watching the new Terminator movie. I really enjoyed it. There were lots of the things that guys love to see in movies. Lots of explosions, really cool machines and a naked, computer generated, version of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. OK, so maybe not so much on that last one. Though, that was a pretty incredible piece of special effects.
All in all this was a really good movie. I enjoyed the fact that they made an effort to have all the classic Terminator lines like: “Come with me if you want to live” and “I’ll be back.” I thought that Christian Bale and Sam Worthington did really well. I’m especially glad that Christian Bale didn’t use that annoying, so-called menacing voice he puts on when he plays Batman.I have a hard time deciding whether I should refer to this as a sequel or a prequel. This is the first of the Terminator movies (as far as I know; I never saw Terminator 3) that actually takes place in the future. However, this movie shows events that form the back-story of the original movie. This shows us a young Kyle Reese before John Connor sends him back in time to stop the terminator from killing his mother Sarah Connor. So, in a sense this is prequel that takes place years after the original. Is that clear as mud? Good!

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  1. Ben can't wait to see this movie. As for me . . . I'm not so sure. Thanks for the review!